7 Ways to Easily Set Up an SEO Content Strategy


7 Ways to Easily Set Up an SEO Content Strategy

Create meaningful, effective content that drives quality traffic to your website. Learn how to develop a winning SEO content strategy.

7 Ways to Easily Set Up an SEO Content Strategy

7 Ways to Easily Set Up an SEO Content Strategy

1. Identify Your Target Audience
2. Define Your Topic Area
3. Pinpoint Keywords that Meet Your Audience Needs + Topic Area
4. Optimize at Every Turn
5. Keep Information Up-to-Date
6. Host Your Own Content
7. Track Your Success


Complete Guide to Create SEO Content Strategy

In this video, we discuss how to create a winning SEO content strategy to dominate your industry. We cover the importance of SEO, what an SEO content strategy is, and provide a 10-step guide to creating your own strategy.

You can read through the guide here: https://www.outranking.io/seo-content-strategy

1. Create website architecture and define areas to build authority.
2. Make a list of keywords that align with your objectives.
3. Cluster keywords to determine your focused topics.
4. Select a primary keyword for each cluster group based on ranking potential.
5. Create a content calendar for continuous content creation.
6. Establish content production process, SOPs, and content briefs.
7. Track content using Google Search Console.
8. Optimize internal linking.
9. Find new opportunities to build topical authority.
10. Identify underperforming pages.
Remember to prioritize EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) in your content and collaborate well with your team. Leverage AI for SEO but maintain a human touch, and focus on off-page SEO and backlinks. Lastly, set up website technical SEO for scaled operation.

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